Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time to hit the books.

Man it is already March! I can't believe how fast this year is going and also how fast this quarter is going by! In just one and a half more weeks I'll be taking finals. Time to start super studying! 

While I study, I want to try and be as comfortable as possible but still look presentable. That's why I love my leggings :) Pair them with a boyfriend cardigan or an oversized sweatshirt, boots, and you're golden. Easiest outfit ever. It was also pretty chilly today so I wore a large scarf. I love how when you need a power nap it can double up as a pillow :)

As for my hair I like tying it up when I study. For some reason I just feel more productive when my hair is up and out of my face. To do this simple side bun just twist your hair to one side, coil tucking in the end, wrap your hair tie around it twice, and use bobby pins to secure. 


Outfit Details: 

Sweatshirt: MCIA 
Black leggings: Forever 21 
Brown Boots: Star Ling from Nordstroms
Black Scarf: H&M 
Black Bag: Urban Outfitters  

If you're wondering about my sweatshirt, it's actually not made by a brand! I'm on an exhibition hip hop dance team at my college,  and every year someone on the team submits their design for our annual sweatshirts. As a team we vote on which design we like best. This sweatshirt is really cool because we have the year 2010-2011 on one sleeve, and on the other sleeve it has the Greek alphabet starting with Alpha through Theta. We use the Greek alphabet to help differentiate each year, so this year is Theta year. Not only is this sweatshirt really comfy, but it holds a special place in my heart since this is my first year on the team and thus my first sweatshirt :) 

Superlove & Good Luck Studying, 

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