Saturday, February 26, 2011


During the weekday I never have time to make myself a decent breakfast. Usually my routine is wake up, get ready, grab a granola bar, fill up my nalgene bottle, and go. Oh the life of a college student...

That's why I love waking up on a Saturday mornings. 
It's so nice getting up on your own time (especially without that annoying alarm), looking at the clock, and realizing you have time to sleep in a little. 
What else do I like about weekends? 

Fry some spam until golden brown to render out some of the fat.
I like adding some green onions to mine. It gives a very nice subtle flavor. 

Use the same pan! I fried the spam first so I wouldn't have to use extra oil. 
The grease from the spam helps keep the egg from sticking to the pan and 
it adds additional flavor. Don't forget to season your egg(s)! I like mine over easy :)

Toast some bread. And yes it is necessary to do this in a Hello Kitty toaster.

Assemble your meal and enjoy :) 

Don't forget to accompany your meal with a drink. 
I made myself hot honey milk tea.

Personally I like eating something sweet after having a savory meal. 
To make a yummy parfait, I used Greek vanilla flavored yogurt, granola, 
raspberries, and blueberries. You can substitute the berries with your favorite 
type of fruit. 

Yay for getting a serving of fruits in the morning. Also did you know that 
Greek yogurt is healthier than regular yogurt? The texture is a lot richer and thicker as well.


Have a great weekend everybody. I hope yours started off as well as mine. 

Superlove & Butter Cookies, 


  1. Your breakfast looked delicious.

    Oh yeah I saw your comment on my post and if your interested I have a bottle of the OPI Shatter for sale :) But it's in the Serena Williams polish pack.

  2. Thank you! I wish I could eat like this everyday haha. I think the Ulta near me still carries the Katy Perry one! Thanks though :)

  3. yummm spam and egg!! delicious and so cheap to make haha!

  4. I know right! Breakfast of champions :)