Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's in my Purse/Bag + Video!

Hello everyone!
If you've read my blog before, you may know that my birthday passed a couple weeks ago. I was fortunate enough to receive the Canon Powershot s95, which has awesome video recording capabilities.  To celebrate I thought why not get to know me a little better though a "What's in my Purse" video! 

The Purse:  
Beige Deena and Ozzy Moto Duffle Bag 
It's not as large as a regular duffle bag. I think the name refers to the shape.

What a carry with me: 

Sunglasses, Aspirin/Ibuprofen, Coin Purse, Keys, Cell Phone, Wallet, Cross Pen/Pencil  
(These are the essentials that I carry with me on a regular basis) 
Dog keychain, Hair Masks from Vietnam (I just visited my cousins who gave me these gifts from their trip to Vietnam. I kept them in my purse for the time being, and never took them out till now!), Monopoly Deal (this may become an's a great game to play with friends!) 

Carmex, Oil blotting sheets, Sephora mirror compact, Faceshop eyebrow pencil, Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Peony, hair brush (this wasn't included in the video because I took it out to brush my hair before I filmed it LOL!), Banana Boat Sunblock, L'Occitane hand cream, & hand sanitizer.

This is all very new to me, so I hope everyone who watched the video enjoyed it! I really had fun filming and editing, so hopefully I can make more in the future :) 

Super Love & Yay for Trying New Things, 

P.S. If you guys watched the video, I really hope I didn't waste 8 minutes of your lives...