Saturday, May 7, 2011

Odd One Out.

For some reason, I've been having this weird obsession lately when I paint my nails. 
I've been making my ring finger nail have a different design then all of my other ones. And I really like it :)

Last week all of my nails were painted a hot pink/coral color, and I randomly decided to put a glitter nail polish as a top coat for my ring fingers.  The main reason was actually because I wanted glitter nail polish, but I didn't want to take 10 minutes removing it off of all my nails later. Funny thing is, I ended up liking how my ring fingers were kind of a fun surprise! 

This week I decided to paint my nails red, and my ring finger nail a cool tribal-ish black and white design. I used the white as the base coat, and the black as an accent color. I also used a small craft brush to make the design. I should really start investing in those design nail polishes with the thin brushes, or those pens from Sally Hansen. Have any of you ladies tried those?

Unfortunately I'm not ambidextrous, so I couldn't do the cool "M/W" design on my right hand. Don't you hate when that happens? So I ended up creating a "V" pattern, which is much easier. 

I also bought those rings recently! I am a sucker for statement rings, especially when they fit  my finger because usually they're too big.  



The rose one is my favorite :) 

Superlove & Pretty Rings,