Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kimchi Fried Rice.

If I'm craving something slightly salty and spicy this is what I like to make. 
I myself am not Korean, but my roommate Connie and my friend Eujean are. Every time they've made Kimchi Fried Rice, also known as Kimchi bokkeumbap in Korean, I've loved it, so I asked them to teach me how. 

If you are unfamiliar with kimchi, think of it as a spicy Korean pickle that is eaten as a side dish. There are many types of kimchi made with various vegetables like cucumber, radish, green onions, and napa cabbage. In this recipe I used the most common type of kimchi, the kind made with napa cabbage, which can actually be found at your local grocery store in the refrigerated produce section. It adds nice, crunch, tartness, and spiciness to the fried rice. 

This recipe makes around 3-4 portions depending on how hungry you and your friends are.

Ingredients for Kimchi Fried Rice: 
1. Spam  
(I like using the Low Sodium version. It's healthier, and regular spam might be too salty with the kimchi)
2. Kimchi 
3. Cooked White Rice (I cooked 2 cups of short grain, cal rose rice)
4. Sesame Oil 
5. Eggs 

Step 1: 
Cube 1/3 of a can of spam into small pieces 

Step 2
Use scissors and cut a cup of kimchi into small pieces. 
You can use a knife and cutting board if you like, but make sure you wash it right after or the red color from the pepper in the kimchi might stain your board. 

Step 3
Saute the cubed spam in a large skilled until the grease has rendered out and they're golden brown. There's no need to add oil to the pan, because spam has a lot of fat in it already!  

Step 4: 
Add the kimchi to the pan and continue to cook till the kimchi is warmed through.

Step 5: 
In another pan multitask and fry some eggs. I like mine over easy. 

Step 6:
Transfer your cooked rice to the pan with the kimchi and spam and add a small drizzle of sesame oil. Mix it all together till everything is well incorporated. Also if your rice is not red/orange enough, you can add some of the liquid from the kimchi. Don't add too much, or else your rice will get soggy! 

Step 7:
Serve your fried egg alongside your kimchi fried rice and enjoy! 

One of the other things I love about this recipe is how fast and simple it is! Let me know how it goes if you try it out :) 

Superlove & Yummy-ness, 

P.S. Thank you Connie & Eujean for teaching my how to make this!


  1. Looks sooo yummy. I will try to make this soon!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i'm very boring, usually when i go for korean i always get kim chi fried rice in stonepot lol :) best when it's extraaa spicy!

    i'm going to try out your recipe once i make my own home made kimchi :)!

  3. I <3 kimchi bokkeumbap, too ^0^

  4. oh and if you add toasted seaweed on top, it's even better!

  5. I think Andrew Zimmern is the one that said Koreans cut EVERYTHING with scissors! Lol

  6. Kimchi fried rice rocks!!! I love it :) I love pickled appetizers! Yum :)

  7. I love kimchi fried rice. It's so good!

  8. @ Susan & A: Tell me how it goes when you try it out ladies :)

    @Amy: Next time I make it, I'll definitely try it with the seaweed!

    @Annie: Haha! My friends do use their scissors a lot! They cut scallions/green onions with them too.

    @Rainy Days & Lattes: I love the pickled side dishes too! It gives everything a nice crunch, and I love how it helps cuts the grease.

    @Winnie: Try the recipe next time you're craving it! It's supppeerr easy.