Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up, up here we go.

I love traveling. 
Whether it's going home or off to another country, I find flying to be really exciting. Unfortunately, there is one thing that I dislike about it...packing! Somehow I seem to either over pack, under pack, or forget something important (like my cellphone)! However, I think I got the make up packing down for the most part. As some of you may know from previous posts, I flew home for spring break. 
So here is what I packed: 

I got the red/purple checkered cosmetic bag from Urban Outfitters and surprisingly it holds a lot of stuff! 
The products on the right are the items that are considered liquids or gels that I put into a quart size zip lock bag. Mascara a liquid?! That's what I thought, but the TSA requires you to put any liquid, gel, or cream based products into the plastic bag for screening. I only brought lip balm, eye shadow primer, mascara, and a pink lip gloss that goes with everything.

Here's what I keep inside my cosmetic bag. 
The colors I choose for blush and eyeshadow are neutrals that match pretty much any outfit. I also brought a separate black eyeshadow to turn a day look to a night look.

I only brought two brushes to help save space. Other than that, I just use my fingers to apply on eyeshadow. Here's a little tip when it comes to packing your fragrances. Next time you go to Sephora, ask for a sample vial of your favorite perfume, even if you already own it! That way you don't have to lug the entire perfume bottle with you. This is also good if you want to bring multiple scents with you. It's not only great for travel, but for your purse as well!

 The palette I brought along with me is the infamous Wet N' Wild Color Icon palette in "Vanity". And yes, I think it does live up to all the hype :) After many youtube gurus and beauty bloggers reviewed this palette, I had to go check it out myself.  The shadows are really pigmented, and I love how they include three matte shades along with the three shimmery shades. I love this for travel, not only because it's a great neutrals palette, but also because if I lose/break it my wallet and I won't feel too bad. It was only around $5.00, and it's not limited edition so if I really wanted to I could buy another one!

Here's a really quick eye of the day, using this pallete: 

I used the creamy beige shade as a brown bone highlight, the shimmery gold shade all over the lid, the matte light brown color through the crease, and I lined my upper and lower lash line with the darkest plummy brown color. 

Superlove & Happy Traveling, 

P.S. Can anyone guess what song the title is from? :) I love Clara C's version on youtube!


  1. Great post! Packing makeup for travel is always a fun challenge. And you DEFINITELY seem to be better at it than me, haha =)

  2. Hmm...I really should pick up one of those palettes, too. I've seen them in so many blogs! & I like that gold color you used on your lids. Ahh..definitely gonna pick it up tomorrow!!

  3. @Anne: Thank you! It definitely took a couple of trips to realize what I needed and what I didn't.

    @Hussy: I love the gold color as well. It's a very true metallic gold. After you pick it up tell me how it goes :) ~Emily

  4. I also bring the cheapest palettes with me when I go travel because I tend to break (or lose) everything -_- You look super cute and thanks so much for your comment! Hope to see more posts from you soon :)

  5. lol exactly the same post!!!

  6. pretty! wheres the retractable brush from? it looks so full and soft!

  7. Gotta love cheap make up that works :) I swatched the Wet n' Wild colors in store myself, I would buy them if they were not already similar to my Coastal Scents palettes.

  8. @Winnie: Thank you for visiting my blog :) I look forward to reading your posts as well!

    @Annie: Great minds think a like :)

    @A: Thanks! It's from the brand Eco Tools. I found the cheapest place to get it is at Target for around $7. And it is super soft and dense! I also love how it's synthetic hair, so I can just wash it with regular soap.

    @Lyana: I would love to own a Coastal Scents/ BH cosmetics palette! Do you own the neutrals palette or the 88?

  9. pretty , awesome ! love your blog . I am already following your blog, care to follow back ? if it is okay ? thank you :))

  10. The palette looks good.

    Pretty eyes by the way :)

  11. Great blog post! I agree packing to travel is such an effort, but at least you're organised finding travel-proof makeup before your trip. xx


  12. hii very cute blog you have. I caught myself staring at the gif of you drinking boba for like 10 secs haha. and the ombre effect in my hair, I actually dont' know why it's like htat hahah but people do point it out a lot. I think it's jsut damaged hair

  13. Thank you for all the kind comments everyone!

  14. popped over from Amy's. U have a cute blog! :)

    following you!

  15. i love your eyes!
    great collow on them to :)

    stop by some time if you want


  16. Carmex is a life saver!!!