Monday, July 29, 2013

New Beginnings and Crossroads

Well hello, hello! 

For anyone out there still reading my blog you may be asking where did you go? What happened? Why the long hiatus? 

Well, quite frankly, I don't have a very good just happened... During my junior and senior year of college the academic load just got heavier, and I became more involved in extracurricular activities. I had to prioritize some things, and as much as I enjoy blogging, I had to put it on hold. 

So what's new? 
1. I am a new grad with a B.S. in biological sciences 
2. I moved from SoCal back to my hometown 
3.  I am currently job hunting 
4. I am learning how to transition into this new chapter of my life 

So what does that mean? 
Hopefully more time to blog!  

As I just mentioned, I recently moved back home, and the first few days were filled with lots of sorting and unpacking. In order to make room for all the new things I acquired during college (a.k.a mostly clothes and makeup), I had to sort through my dresser and closet for things I don't wear anymore. For instance, remember those Hollister polos from high school? So I went on an expedition to do something with my used clothes, and I wanted to let you all know of these options as well!

1. Try to sell back your clothes!

It all started this past spring when my roommates and I were cleaning out our closets. We decided to bring our unwanted clothes to a Crossroads Trading Co. which just opened in a plaza close to our condo. If you haven't heard of Crossroads, it is a used clothing store on the trendier side. They do have a small selection of new discounted clothes, but most of their inventory comes from people who sell back their clothes to Crossroads! Every season they come out with a flier which shows examples of the types of clothing/trends they are especially looking for during that time period. They will also price these items higher (and give you more cash back/store credit) due to the higher demand.

For Crossroads' buy back policy, they give you 50% store credit of what price they are marking your clothes. However, if you want cash they will only give you 30%. Depending on the store location and the associates working, sometimes they tend to be pickier on certain days. I've noticed they tend to be pretty brand conscious, so that may work in your favor or not. I took my clothes to a Crossroads near my home town. Most of my clothes were pretty dated, so I didn't expect them to take much. And I was right, they didn't take anything!

Another store that is much like Crossroads is Plato's Closet. Plato's Closet isn't seasonal like Crossroads, so they will look at any type of clothing regardless of what time of the year it is. Their buy back policy is a little different, since they only give you the option of 30-40% cash of what they price your clothes at. They do take a larger variety of used jewelry compared to Crossroads. For both stores, if the associates are busy or there are a lot of customers in front of you be prepared to wait. They usually take their time expecting your clothes for general wear/stains. I was in each store for 40 minutes! Unfortunately, Plato's Closet didn't take any of my stuff either!

2. Donate your clothes! 

And this is what I ended up doing with my clothes! Luckily, all of these stores including a Goodwill were within close proximity to each other. It's a painless process. Usually you just drive your car around to the back of the store, and someone helps you with your donation. I was out within five minutes. To be honest, it feels more altruistic knowing that my gently used, somewhat in style clothes are being sold at a much lower price to someone who needs them or at least enjoyed finding a good deal.

So whether you are trying to make some extra cash or doing a good deed, I hope this post helped someone out! I would love to know what you guys do with your old clothes!

Superlove & more blogging soon, 

P.S. After that clothing expedition, I went to get a haircut. I decided to go for a full straight fringe, and so far I'm liking it! Here's a picture straight out of the salon. I apologize for the little hairs on my face!

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  1. Hello! I've been a follower since 2012 or the latter part of 2011, I think and I did wonder when you'd post again. Glad you're back or something (since this post is 8months ago lol, and I just read it! University happened to me,too)
    Wishing you luck with all that's happening in your life now.