Friday, April 22, 2011

10 Things I Love.

Remember me? 
It sure has been awhile since I last blogged. These past two weeks have been extremely busy for me. The hip hop dance team that I'm a member of had a big performance last weekend, so the week before was our hell week! This week I had 3 midterms, and I took my last one today! You can see what midterm madness has done to my friends and I in the section of my blog under "What am I up to". My eyes feel so strained from the reading and the studying... but now that everything is settling down I finally have some time to blog. I sure have missed everyone. 

The lovely beauty blogger Amy tagged me to do this fun tag called "10 Things I Love". If you haven't checked out her blog, be sure to stop by! Thanks for tagging me Amy :) Let's begin shall we?  

1) State who gave you this award in your post
2) State 10 things that you love
3) Give this award to 10 other bloggers, listing them at the end of the post, 
and notify them with a lovely comment

Besides family, friends, and laughter, here are 10 things that I love in no particular order: 

1.) My DSLR and photography. 
Ever since my brother introduced me to photography during my senior year of high school and passed down his Canon Rebel XT to me, I've been hooked.  

2.) My Desktop
Quite self explanatory. I love it for school and surfing the net and plus my dad built it for me! 

3.) Biology/Psychology/Organic Chemistry
I'm a biological sciences major and even though the material can get quite challenging I still enjoy it! I'm also interested in specializing my major to neurobiology.  

4.) Music
I love how music can translate your feelings into sound. Especially when you're having a bad day, it's amazing how listening to the right song can instantly make you feel a little better. 

5.) My Planner
If you've read my blog, you've already seen this before. It's the perfect way to keep my life organized. 

6.) Makeup
Well this is a given :) 
(I just bought the MAC face & body foundation. I love it!) 

7.) Moleskines
The black one is more of a personal journal where I write whatever has been on my mind and what not. The red one I use to keep track of my expenses. I love how sturdy and compact they are. 

8.) Milk Tea 
This is from an older post, but ideally this would be a picture of pearl milk tea. I'm craving some right now!

9.) Good quotes or proverbs 
Whenever I'm down or need some inspiration/motivations, I love reading quotes. I actually made this "wall decal" from printing out the letters, pasting it on cardboard, and taping it to my wall!  

10.) Dancing   

I started dancing ballet when I was 5 and continued on into high school. Once I left for college I had to stop, because the college attend is too far from my dance studio. However, I decided to try out for a hip hop team on campus this year, and I fell in love with it ever since. The above photo is a picture of my class, "theta class". We are all the new members who made it this year! If you forgot what I look like, I'm in the bottom row and I'm wearing gray chucks!  If you want to watch the video, try spotting me on the front left around 0:16 and on the front right around 5:13 :)

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little more about me from this tag! 

I tag:
And whoever else wants to participate in the tag!

Superlove & hopefully more blogging, 


  1. i missed ya emily!

    i LOOOOVVEEE moleskines too!!

    definitely will get on my post!

  2. Hey, you guys are good! That looks like a lot of fun and hard work. Looks like your time paid off!
    This is a fun tag! Thanks for sharing and tagging <3

  3. hey you did the tag! we missed you :D hope all is well

    I love all your 10 things, especially the last one, you guys are so good- I watched the whole video! love milk tea, too<3 Oh and this particular what am I up to clip is my favorite so far lol so funny

  4. Thanks for tagging!!

    Was wondering where you've been! I love dancing and enjoyed the video. My baby brother is also a dancer - he would enjoy this! You did a great job...

    I was able to find you in the video =D